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نمایش گزارش دیتابیس با jDBexport

در تاریخ . مجموعه : مدیریت دیتابیس


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  دمو و سایت سازنده    شرکت سازنده : Schultz IT   سازگار با : جوملا 3x   نوع : ماژول   نسخه افزونه : 3.2.6 

jDBexport افزونه ای بسیار کاربردی برای نمایش و دانلود اطلاعات و جداول دیتابیس سایت شماست. توسط این افزونه بسیار کاربردی می توانید اطلاعات و جداول دیتابیس را به صورت آنلاین و مستقیم به کاربران خود نمایش دهید و برای آنها امکان دانلود اطلاعات دیتابیس با فرمت های : ( xlsx, xls, ods, csv, html, pdf, json)
را فرام کنید. این افزونه بسیار کاربردی ویژه سایت هایی می باشد که قصد تهیه گزارش و ارائه گذارشات از دیتابیس به کاربران را دارند.برای اطلاعات بیشتر دمو را مشاهده کنید.

یوزر و پسورد دمو :

  • username:  SITS.Demouser
  • password:  SITS.Demouser

Zip jDBexport 3.2.6
(1 امتياز)
تاريخ  1395-06-10 23:02:01
اندازه : حجم فايل  4.78 MB
لطفا ثبت نام کنيد اگر قبلا ثبت نام کرده ايد با مشخصات کاربري خود وارد شويد تا اجازه دانلود به شما داده شود.

jDBexport allows you to deliver any data from your databases (JOOMLA and others) as Excel documents directly to your users . Write any valid SQL query in the administration of this component and combine such queries into multiple Excel worksheets/workbooks. The query is executed when a user clicks the downloadlink (frontend or backend) and the current result of the query is delivered to the user as a downloadable Excel file (or any other of the below listed document formats). With the on-the-fly ajax-driven SQL syntax checker, the multitude of available export dataformats, formatting options and a great number of database drivers to get your data from, jDBexport is very likely the most exhaustive reporting instrument and data mining tool available on the market.

Main features

  • create data reports in various formats ( xlsx, xls, ods, csv, html, pdf, json ) from your databases
  • individualise these reports with variable substition (such as userid or current date) or parameters entered by the user
  • embed graphical charts (bar, pie, area, line, etc.) based on the requested data into your worksheets
  • format these reports with colors, fonts, backgrounds (also alternating backgrounds), images, headers and footers, borders and more
  • use a wide varity of conditions (including the result of SQL queries) for conditional formatting
  • add additional cells with text, images or results from additional SQL queries
  • define autofilter areas within your worksheets
  • add any additional files (e.g. Excel Makros in an *.xlmx file) along with your workbook when compressing is activated
  • deliver these reports regularly and fully automatically to your users, utilising our sophisticated scheduler
  • define SQL based rules whether to run the scheduled task or not
  • or let the users request these reports online or in the background or through the GoogleDocViewer
  • or let the users preview these reports in a HTML preview within your website
  • or prepare these reports (without showing them) for post processing with individual programs
  • include virtually any accessible database - local or remote - into your reports (MySQL, MariaDB, MS-SQL, ORACLE, SQLite3, DB2, INGRES, SAP MaxDB, PostgreSQL, Firebird and others)
  • check the validity of your SQL query with our on-the-fly (AJAX-driven) SQL syntax checker , while preparing the worksheet
  • get inline help on creating your SQL queries, or reference the SQL manual that corresponds to your environment
  • and many, many other features...

  • jDBexport is translated in many languages (you can help us here...)

-jDBexport comes with a set of additional tools ( frontend and backend module for easy access to your workbooks, datagrid and datafield plugin to embed worksheets or a single cell from a worksheet into any Joomla content, support for additional Truetype fonts in PDF creation)

If you are missing a specific feature, call us and we will find a solution...

jDBexport was originally forked from the well known (Joomla 1.5 data reports) extension SQL2Excel (actually SQL 2 Excel Pro).

For helping with the translation of jDBexport into your own language, please visit or translation project at TRANSIFEX.com
https://www.transifex.com/schultz it solutions/jDBexport/

For more details, please visit our website at


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