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ساخت انواع پروفایل در جومسوشیال XIPT for JomSocial

در تاریخ . مجموعه : شبکه‌های اجتماعی


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  دمو افزونه   سازنده :  Ready Bytes    سازگار با : جوملا 3x   نوع : کامپوننت, پلاگین,ماژول   نسخه افزونه :4.2.3 

اگر به دنبال الحاقات خوب و کاربردی برای افزونه جومسوشیال هستید شرکت Ready Bytes افزونه های مناسبی آماده کرده که سعی خواهیم کرد چند افزونه پرکاربرد ازین شرکت را از این پس منتشر کنیم. یکی از این افزونه ها افزونه JomSocial Profile Types که به شما امکان ساخت انواع پروفایل را کامپوننت شبکه های اجتماعی جومسوشیال می دهد.اگر هنوز متوجه نشدید کار این افزونه چیست.به این مثال توجه کنید : فرض کنید می خواهید دو شبکه اجتماعی بزنید یکی برای دانش آموزان و دیگری برای مدیران و مهندسان اینجاست که این افزونه به کمک شما می آید و می توانید پروفایل منحصر به فرد برای هرکدام ازین اقشار تعریف کنید.یعنی پروفایلی اختصاصی برای دانش آموزان که در آن به سن ,رشته تحصیلی و محل تحصیل آنها اشاره می کند و پروفایلی برای مدیران که به شرکت,تعداد کارمندان و.. اشاره میکند. هم اکنون می توانید آخرین نسخه این افزونه ارزشمند را از گلچین آنلاین دانلود کنید.

Zip XIPT for JomSocial 4.2.3
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تاريخ  1395-05-28 13:45:51
اندازه : حجم فايل  665.03 KB
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امکانات افزونه به گفته سایت سازنده :


The Problem

Let’s consider the situation where you have a JomSocial based website of School. Now, you would like to categorize users into Students, Teachers and other Staff. But it should be such that the profile fields, templates, privacy settings, access controls, default avatars with watermark, default Joomla user types, JS toolbar accessibility and a lot of other configuration settings can be set differently for all the categories. So, what you require is a tool that provides Easy Profile Management!

Ready Bytes’ Solution

The solution comes in the form of JSPT which is now a very well recognized and robust extension for JomSocial, that not only extends the JomSocial’s Multiple Profile Types functionality from the scratch but also complements it with a number of “Must to Have!” features necessary to control profile types.

Highlighting Features

  1. Categorization : Users into unlimited Profile Types.

  2. Integrated Registration : Offers you the option to integrate with JomSocial Registration, Joomla Default Registration as well as Facebook Connect, so that users can select their ProfileType at the time of Registration.

  3. Privacy Control : Control Privacy Settings for most of the JomSocial features and Joomla Modules for each Profile Type separately.

  4. Control JomSocial Fields : Empowers you to have your control on JomSocial and Custom Profile Fields by setting them Allowed, Required, Visible, Editable after Registration, Editable during Registration, Advance Searchable in JSPT Profile Fields Settings.

  5. Individual Templates : Every ProfileType can be assigned different default templates.

  6. Joomla User Type : ProfileTypes can be assigned with a default Joomla User Type too.

  7. Monetise your website : Provides tight integration with PayPlans (Membership software from Ready Bytes).

  8. Default Avatar : Every ProfileType can be assigned a default avatar now.

  9. Watermark Generation : Allows you to apply watermark on each ProfileType whether textual or image at 12 different positions.

  10. JS Toolbar Handling : Allows you to set what JS menus any ProfileType can access.

  11. Access Control Layer : Gives you the ability to restrict user activities i.e. Access Control Layer, you can control which JomSocial feature is available to which user and many more.

  12. Application Control : Enables you to control what applications are allowed to be added by any ProfileType.

  13. Amazon S3 Integration : Host your data remotely without any headache as JSPT now handles integration with Amazon S3.

  14. Override JS Configuration : JSPT grants you the power to override JS Configuration and set it as per your need for each ProfileType.

  15. Admin Approval : Allows you to select the ProfileTypes that require Admin Approval.

  16. Invisible ProfileType : Enables you to publish any ProfileType but keep it invisible.

  17. Responsive Bootstrap Support : JSPT is compatible with Bootstrap 2.3.2 and many many more including Better Performance, Interfacing and API Polishing and Routing mechanism.


  • The latest version of JSPT is compatible with Joomla 3.4 and JomSocial 4.0.3 onwards. If you’re not upgrading these two, then you can use our previous version.

  • Our extension works in hack free mode, so you can update JomSocial without any breakdown.

  • Requires PHP 5.3 or greater.


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