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فروشگاه ساز quick2cart

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  دمو افزونه   شرکت سازنده : Techjoomla   سازگار با : جوملا 3x   نوع : کامپوننت, پلاگین,ماژول   نسخه افزونه :  2.9

اگر از فروشگاه سازهای معمولی خسته شده اید و قصد دارید تجربه ای جدید در دنیای فروشگاه سازها داشته باشید quick2cart گزینه مناسبی است. این فروشگاه ساز که چندان در ایران مطرح نشده هنوز اما طرفداران زیادی در خارج از ایران دارد.چرا که دارای امکانات بسیار گسترده و کاربردی می باشد.این افزونه تمامی امکانات فروشگاه سازهای بزرگ را دارد اما یکی از بزرگترین امکانات آن امکان دادن نمایندگی و ایجاد فروشگاه جدا برای کاربران می باشد که بسیار کاربردی می باشد.همچنین این افزونه امکان اتصال به افزونه های امتیاز دهی نظیر آلفایوزرپوینت را نیز دارا می باشد. هم اکنون می توانید این افزونه ارزشمند را به صورت کاملا اورجینال و کد باز از گلچین آنلاین دانلود کنید.

Zip quick2cart 2.9
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تاريخ  1395-09-17 14:56:00
اندازه : حجم فايل  8.91 MB
لطفا ثبت نام کنيد اگر قبلا ثبت نام کرده ايد با مشخصات کاربري خود وارد شويد تا اجازه دانلود به شما داده شود.

.Flexible, Social E-commerce for Joomla!
Quick2Cart is a super flexible shopping cart with Multi Vendor, Multi Store and awesome Social Integrations. Plus you have the option to use the native Product manager or integrate with CCKs like Zoo, K2 or even Joomla Content.

Well with Quick2cart you can make your shopping experience comfortable and fun by creating stores and being the store owner, sell your products on your profile. Option for multiple vendors on same site and multiple stores to be created by the same user giving you complete freedom to do the max you can to sell your products. Buyers will get a chance to choose from vendors and stores, they don't even have to register to shop on Quick2cart. No, manual payments need to be made as 10+ payment gateways are available, with shipping and taxation options. In all this what a perfect shopping extension should be.
Quick2cart has an extensive feature base. We’ve taken care that most of your requirements are fulfilled. Some of the Quick2cart features are as follows:
1. CCK’s for product management
2. Native Quick2cart product manager
3. Multivendor Support
4. Multi Store Support
5. Start a Marketplace
6. Promotion Rules
7. Multiple Address Support
8. Automate Payouts in your Marketplace with Paypal Adaptive Payments Support
9. Multiple Product Attributes
10. Enrich your display with multiple modules
11. Stock Management
12. Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity
13. Multiple Currency Support
14. Registration During Checkout and Guest Checkout
15. Optional Shipping
16. Statistics Dashboard
17. Order Management and CSV Export
18. Coupon Management
19. Zones
20. Shipping Plugins and profiles For Flexible Shipping Calculations
21. Taxation Plugins and profiles For Flexible Tax Calculation
22. Stay Updated with notifications
23. Google Analytics Integration
24. Super Extensible and Developer Friendly, Developer API Available
25. SEO, Metadat management
26. Country manager and Multi-Lingual Support
27. Affiliate System Integrations With IDevAffiliate, WizAffiliates
28. Social E Commerce
29. Take Ecommerce Viral with Activity Stream Integrations
30. Sell right on your Profile Stores and Product Displays on User Profiles
31. Toolbar/Menu Integration
32. EasySocial App
33. Smooth Ajaxed Checkout and Single Store Checkout
34. Fully Responsive Pin layouts
35. Bootstrap 3 support (Backwards Compatibility for 2.x)
36.Stock Based Attributes
37. Fast and Easy Product Creation with Global Attributes
38. Easy Sorting
39.Fixed Height Pin Layout
40. Pay With Amazon India Support
41. SMS integration with Clickatell and SMS Horizon
42. Developer api for SMS integration and Order creation
43. Facebook share for Discounts
44. Tj custom fields inegration
45. Store owner user creation and manual order creation
46. Developer APIs
47. Advanced field based filtering for Quick2Cart
48. Support multiple payment gateway like:
-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points
-EasySocial Points
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order
-Paypal - Adaptive Payment
-Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit techjoomla.com


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