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آزمون ساز آنلاین Survey Force Deluxe

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Survey Force Deluxe

  دمو افزونه   شرکت سازنده : JoomPlace   سازگار با : جوملا 3x   نوع : کامپوننت, پلاگین,ماژول   نسخه افزونه : 3.2

Survey Force Deluxe  یک افزونه جالب و حرفه ای برای ساخت آزمون آنلاین چهار گزینه ای یا نظرسنجی های آنلاین می باشد.چهارگزینه ای های این آزمون می تواند هرچیزی باشد .مثلا می تواند رادیو باکس باشد که فقط یک گزینه تیک بخورد. یا همزمان کاربر بتواند چند گزینه را تیک بزند. می تواند لیست باز شو باشد. یا حتی کاربر می تواند در جواب گزینه other را انتخاب کند و جواب را تشریحی بنویسد.و در نهایت نیز در پروفایل خود کارنامه خود را ببینید. این افزونه جالب را در نظر سنجی ها و گرفتن آمار آنلاین نیز می توان استفاد کرد.هم اکنون این افزونه ارزشمند را از گلچین آنلاین دانلود کنید.


Zip Survey Force Deluxe 3.2.1
(1 امتياز)
تاريخ  1395-11-03 12:12:24
اندازه : حجم فايل  3.6 MB
لطفا ثبت نام کنيد اگر قبلا ثبت نام کرده ايد با مشخصات کاربري خود وارد شويد تا اجازه دانلود به شما داده شود.

.The Survey Deluxe component is an advanced Survey and Polling Tool. With this survey extension you will easily create any surveys or polls right from the front-end, collect data and analyze survey results online.

Are you involved in support service? You can use this survey component to collect real-time feedback or troubleshoot your customers’ problems efficiently.

The survey component has the following key features:

1) 8 question types (LikertScale, Pick One, Pick Many, Short Answer, Ranking Drop Down, Ranking Drag and Drop, Boilerplate, Ranking). Survey flexible question rules and a number of useful options are available:

  • Group all your survey questions on 1 page, place each on a separate survey's page or create your own survey layout by means of Page Break divider
  • Add image or video into the survey questions
  • Use questions conditions to jump to the survey's particular question according to the user reply;
  • Add different question rules like “If I the answer is.., jump to question ...” to your survey
  • Set the importance scale for each reply inside the survey
  • Set default answers for your surveys
  • Choose whether the survey's question is compulsory or not
  • Questions are created with the help of drag and drop editor. Simply click the question’s title on the left panel and drag it onto the right one. All the changes will be applied to the questions and immediately shown on the right.
  • Questions “Pick one/pick many” have Bulk option (a possibility to create a set of predefined questions).

2) Survey component goes with 2 predefined templates CSS of those you can modify. The survey's templates are adaptive to mobile devices! Enhance the survey appearance using the following options:
- apply background image to your survey
- choose progress bar for tracking the survey process
- use “Prev“ navigation button inside the survey

3) Survey advanced authoring permissions.
You can give any of your Joomla! users a permission to author and manage surveys. Surveys' Front-end authoring will be available for them!
If you use Community Builder or JomSocial integration plug-ins with your survey, the users will be able to author their surveys or polls right from their social profiles by default. The survey tool works smoothly with JomSocial version up to 3.x

4) Survey's customizable final page:
- Show some custom thank you message to the survey participants see after answering the survey
- Add graphical representation of the survey results
- Show the survey results to all the survey participants or hide them. Choose BarChart or PieChart type of graph

5) Survey's integration with AlphaUserPoints component allows you to encourage users to take part in your surveys for some reward.

6) Survey invitations. Create and email survey invitations for users assigned to the particular surveys. Use survey's automatic invitations option to save your time.

7) The surveys and polls component comes with a content plugin allowing to insert your surveys right into content articles.

9) Survey has an intuitive interface with drag and drop editor.The interface is divided into two panels: the left side contains all the question types you can use to create a survey, the right one – a blank sheet that works as a preview.

The Survey component is compatible with Joomla! 3.x
See demo -> http://demo30.joomplace.com/survey-force-deluxe

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