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مطلب ساز اتوماتیک جوملا obGrabber

در تاریخ . مجموعه : خبرخوان /rss


مطلب ساز اتوماتیک جوملا obGrabber

  دمو افزونه   سازنده :foobla   سازگار با : جوملا 2.5, 3x   نوع : کامپوننت, پلاگین   نسخه افزونه :  4.2.2

یکی از مشکلات از اکثر مدیران سایت ها بروز رسانی مطالب سایت است. خیلی از افرادی که سایت دارند گاهی فرصت نمی کنند که مدام و هر روز به سایت سر بزنند و سایت را بروز رسانی کنند و در نتیجه بازدیدکنندگانشان را از دست می دهند.اما توسط افزونه obGrabber  این مشکل تا حدودی حل شده ! در این افزونه شما کافیست یک فید آر اس اس ( rss) از یک سایت خارجی را درون افزونه قرار دهید و کار تمام است ! این افزونه مطالب را از فید های آر اس اس گرفته و به طور خودکار به سایت انتقال می دهد! این افزونه توانایی کپی مطالب آر اس اس در کامپوننت مطالب جوملا,کامپوننت k2 , ویرچومارت,کیوننا ,zoo و .. را دارد و یک نویسنده تمام وقت برای شما به حساب می آید.! البته جمع اوری مطلب این افزونه فقط به بخش rss مربوط نمی شود و می تواند از متن آماده,ایمیل,یوتوب,سایت ebaye نیز برای شما مطلب جمع آوری کند!

Zip obGrabber 4.2.2 داغ
(4 امتيازات)
تاريخ  1395-03-16 20:56:22
اندازه : حجم فايل  1.88 MB
لطفا ثبت نام کنيد اگر قبلا ثبت نام کرده ايد با مشخصات کاربري خود وارد شويد تا اجازه دانلود به شما داده شود.

ObGrabber is one of the best article generator Joomla extensions to grab / fetch anything from outside and store it in any 3rd party Joomla! Extensions, auto post from RSS feed to content article and Joomla RSS Aggregator extension.

This auto article generator will automatically generate new articles with keywords by taking content from any external source (RSS, XML, NewsML, Facebook, Youtube, Google Base, ebay, amazon, email, Blogspot, Google Calendar,...). In addition, this article generator extension allows to set different configurations for each source. You can also remove links, images, link image, text links in the article if you want. This random news article generator will automatically filter sources according to each keyword and create a new article. The new articles will improve SEO on your website, increase traffic and high rankings on the search engine results page (SERPs). Especially, ObGrabber will carry out auto run with Cronjob through a smart schedule to have new posts created within 5 minutes.

If you want to reformat collected contents before passing it through 3rd party Joomla! Extension (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, redSHOP, JCal Pro), it is not a problem at all because there are tons of processors available to make your stored content look perfect. Moreover, it is integrated with a specific adapter for each third party extension to adjust collected contents into any Joomla extensions to optionally configure keyword, category or state publish,

What obGrabber can do?

For examples, ObGrabber - article generator Joomla extension can:
- Grab Youtube videos and store into K2 or Seyret.
- Grab Ebay products and store into VirtueMart.
- Grab CNN news, spin the text, translate it from English to Spanish and store into Joomla Articles, K2 or ZOO.
- Grab Yahoo Answers and store into Kunena Forum.

ObGrabber features

1. Collect content from any external sources

>> Available Engines:
- Built-in: RSS Reader
- Extras: Youtube, Text Folder, Email, Ebay...

2. Re-format collected contents with smart processors

Tons of available Processors will help you easily polish the collected contents before submitting it to 3rd-party Joomla! Extensions.
>> Available Processors:
- Built-in: Alias, Cut Introtext, Duplicate, Get FullText, Images, Keywords Filter, Strip tags, Combine fields.
- Extras: Youtube, Translator, Text Spinner, Meta Data, HTML2BBCODE, Google News,...

3. Store into ANY third-party Joomla! Extensions

>> Available Adapters:
- Built-in: Content
- Extras: ZOO, K2, VirtueMart, Kunena, Flexicontent, JEvents...

Why should you choose obGrabber?

  • Import / Export pipes: to share or use later (new from 3.1.11).

  • Friendly Dashboard: help you to navigate to tons of adapters, engines, processors fairly straightforward.

  • Fully Logs system: Support full log information of saved items, date, link,...to see how grabber worked.

  • Easy to Use: the extension designed for non-technical customers, making sure everyone can use it fairly straightforward.

  • One click installation: express Tools for quick implementation of other modules, plugins.

  • Auto run with Cronjob (Scheduler): auto run via a smart scheduler to decide how often this ultimate engine run with no touch.

  • Extension Auto Updater: at Foobla, every Joomla! Extensions comes with the Updater from Joomla! core.

Check it out

Purchase obGrabber, you can
- Unlimited site installation.
- Free content adapter.
- Free RSS Reader engine.
- Free Basic Processors and many other benefits.
- And many other benefits.

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