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قالب Vina BagShop - Responsive Handbags Store Joomla Template

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Vina BagShop - Responsive Handbags Store Joomla Template

قالب جوملا

دموی قالب

توضیحات انگلیسی

V ina BagShop is responsive  Joomla 3.x Template powered by JoomShopping e-commerce component . As its name says, it's primarily developed for selling Handbags and accessories online . However, the clean design of this template allows you to use it for any other kind of online store. Aside from just looking beautifully polished and clean, it comes packed with features and options, powerful Helix II Framework , 2 Unique Home Layouts , 6 presets options , 8 popular Joomla 3.x Extensions from VinaGecko : Vina Camera Image Slider, Vina Carousel Image Slider, Vina Manufacturers Carousel for JShopping, Vina Product Ticker for JShopping, Vina Vertical News Ticker, Vina Product Carousel for JShopping, Vina Article Carousel and Vina Treeview for JoomShopping. It's easily configured various modules positions and a lot other best and selected extensions help you to develop your site in no time.

We have a dedicated support center for all of your support needs. It includes our DocumentationCommunity Forum and an advanced Ticket System for any questions you have. We usually get back to you within 14-16 hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Main Features
1.Responsive Design: This means that you only need one template for the desktop, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.
2.Layout Builder: Allows anyone to customize the existing theme in any shape or dimensions without having any programming language!
3.2 Home Page Layout: Vina BagShop comes with 2 beautiful home pages for online shop, that's easily fits for any kind online shop.
4.Mega Menu: allows you to display a ton of content in menu item including text, images, module and articles.
5.Off-Canvas Menu: used primarily with Mobile and touch devices and can provide an extremely useful and beautiful experience for your users.
6.6 Presets: Users can decorate their websites selecting 5 styles that Our Templates offers. It's too much easy now for coloring of the website from now!
7.Rich typography: Advanced Typography based on Bootstrap would enable you styling your Tables, Forms, and Buttons along with other elements to make your website more beautiful.
8.Shortcode Support: Useful Shortcode installed by using which anybody can add lots of extra features on website without coding knowledge.
9.RTL Language Support: Supports RTL (Right to Left) Language based Designs like Arabic, Farsi & Hebrew.
10.HTML5 Base Template: We brought HTML5 in Our Templates to make elegant, modern and SEO friendly website that would be fully functional & represents awesome typography.
11.Built With Less CSS: You can reduce over requests to browsers while making CSS development and it makes your whole website more powerful and speedier than ever.
12.Use Helix Framework: Helix Framework is one of the best light and feature rich responsive framework for Joomla Templating.
13.8 Premium Extensions from VinaGecko: Vina Camera Image Slider,Vina Carousel Image Slider,Vina Manufacturers Carousel for JShopping,Vina Product Ticker for JShopping,Vina Vertical News Ticker,Vina Product Carousel for JShoppingVina Article CarouselandVina Treeview for JoomShoppingare the popular extensions for Joomla 3.x. Now you can use it in Vina BagShop template.
14.Fully Support JoomShopping: JoomShopping is the most easy to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 200.000 new Users in 3 years! Vina BagShop is Fully Support it!
15.CSS & Javascript Compression: Helix decreases your website loading time drastically by using Advanced CSS & JS compression systems that works with all types of browsers.
16.Google Analytics: Users can easily integrate Google Analytics Code on their website and can maintain all the features that Google Analytics are providing.
17.Powered By BootStrap: Bootstrap is made upon responsive CSS Designs with less code which enhances the overall look of your website.

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