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دانلود قالب JM Joomads برای جوملا

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JM Joomads - joomla template

JM Joomads - joomla template

دموی انگلیسی و سایت منتشر کننده

Simply the best classifieds Joomla portal!
We love this template and its light design though some of our staff members would still stay with the previous classifieds release - JM-Joomclassifieds , it's your difficult choice :)
Look at each template part, all modules details are perfectly worked out! Template buttons, hover effects, modules placed in modern separate white boxes, top menu behavior on scrolling, well thought-out typoghraphy to lay emphasis on the most important information that should hit your site visitor and many more!
The extensions positions arrangment is intuitive, the demo site presents the example of template layout but you can reorganize it as you wish - get familiar with all template positions and module suffixes (check submenus of Template Features link on the demo site).
The classifieds solution for Joomla does not need much advertising since it's simply brilliant :) Our customers find it excellent, read opinions here .
Another extension that is compatibile and works seamlessly with DJ-ClassifiedsisDJ-MediaTools. It's placed on 3 positions on the front page but do not miss to check all its views by navigating Extensions -> DJ-MediaTools on the demo site.

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