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vina shoeshop

2014-12-23_222650 دانلود نسخه اورجینال قالب 1.2 Vina ShoeShop - گلچین آنلاینبا فارسی سازی این بسته اشتراک رایگان دریافت کنید.

 آخرین نسخه قالب اورجینال Vina ShoeShop به صورت اختصاصی و به درخواست کاربران منتشر شد. این پکیج کاملا اورجینال بوده و شامل قالب,بسته نصبی,افزونه ها و پوشه لاینسنس و ... می باشد.

Vina ShoeShop is responsive Joomla 3.x Template powered by JoomShopping e-commerce component. As its name says, it's primarily developed for selling shoes and accessories online. However, the clean design of this template allows you to use it for any other kind of online store. Aside from just looking beautifully polished and clean, it comes packed with features and options, powerful Helix II Framework, 5 presets options, 6 popular Joomla 3.x Extensions from VinaGecko: Vina Jssor Image Slider, Vina Product Carousel for JShopping, Vina Category Menu for JoomShopping, Vina Vertical News Ticker, Vina Product Ticker for JShopping and Vina Treeview for JShopping. It's easily configured various modules positions and a lot other best and selected extensions help you to develop your site in no time.

Vina ShoeShop comes with tons of shortcode such for video, gallery, slideshow, tabs, accordion, rich administration features such as logo settings, masterpiece layout builder, mega menu, unlimited fonts control, Google analytics, Less compilation and all types of presets control like header color, link color, background color so on. Now you don't need to worry about its speed. The built-in css and javascript compresses used by Helix Framework to provide optimal performance.

We hope this Joomla 3.x/JoomShopping template will help you to make a successful online store for the shoes and accessories (or any other kind of) products.

Vina ShoeShop
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