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   دمو قالب  سازنده : yootheme  سازگار با : جوملا 3   نسخه : 2.7.15  

  قالب YT Lilian محصولی از شرکت yootheme یک قالب جوملایی عالی در موضوعات عروسی یا هر رویداد دیگری میباشد که داستان آن باید به شیوه ای بسیار شخصی گفته شود . از ویژگی های مهم این قالب می توان به عملکرد و سرعت بالا , تغییر اندازه فونت و سبک, طرح بندی انعطاف پذیر و پیشرفته ,6 سبک و چیدمان قابل تنظیم و متنوع ,مجموعه عظیم تصاویر با کیفیت بالا , سازگار با انواع مرورگر ها , چند رنگه و ریسپانسیو بودن و بسیاری امکانات و ویژگی های دیگر اشاره کرد . هم اکنون می توانید این قالب جوملایی ارزشمند را از گلچین آنلاین دانلود کنید.

YT Lilian - Joomla Template2.7.15
اندازه : حجم فايل 311 B

برای دانلود این محصول شما نیاز به خرید اشتراک دارید اگر عضو هستید با حساب کاربری خود وارد شوید.


A romantic October is upon us with Lilian, our latest theme release for Joomla and WordPress. Lilian comes with a smooth and narrative layout, features eight beautiful pages and is a perfect fit for topics like a wedding or any other event whose story should be told in a very personal way. Lilian includes the latest features of YOOtheme Pro and UIkit.

Lilian Style
Lilian comes with its own individual and minimalistic style. Bright colors and a consistent use of playful panels ensure a breezy atmosphere. The serif type completes the theme’s look perfectly. Whitespace and large typography create a unique appearance as well as a personal feel.


Six new styles
In addition to the Light Berry default style, Lilian comes with five more carefully created color variations which you can find in the Style Library.

Full page border
In order to bring more lightness to the site we left some room around the entire page to let it breathe. This detail emphasizes the wedding topic and reminds of a photo album.

Full page border

Modal menu with centered logo
The modal navigation is a perfect option for a site with no subpages. The centered logo is a new setting we added for header layouts and gives more opportunities for the adjustment.

Modal menu
Lively layouts with Parallax effects
Due to weddings being a very personal and emotional event the entire layout of Lilian is focused on taking the visitor by the hand and telling a beautiful story. Lots of elements use the Parallax effect to e.g. make text float above images which makes the story feel dynamic and alive.

Layouts & Topic
The Home page starts with an overview of the most important information regarding the newlyweds and their wedding date. Up next, there is a short summary of the schedule and detailed information about the location. Our Story tells more about the couple from their first dates right up to the proposal. A big topic at a wedding is a well-structured and self-explaining schedule. Not only you will find the dates, the time and the location, but also a specific timetable for the party. To make sure that every guest will find the way to the wedding spots there is an integrated Google Map. In order to show for example pre-wedding or ceremony photos you have two different gallery sites: The first one has a lively design and tells the story of the couple in a chronological order. The second one is a classic gallery using the lightbox feature. Finding the perfect wedding gift becomes a breeze thanks to the wedding registry contains links to registry shops. On the RSVP site you can respond to the wedding invitation.

Our Story
Free quality stock photos
Our new theme comes with 64 lovingly curated and free-to-use images. The gallery below shows you a few examples of what to expect in this month‘s package:

58 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

What's next?
As you might have noticed there was no YOOtheme Pro feature release during the last two months. This is why we will take a break and release no new theme next month. Instead, we are now focusing on developing new features for YOOtheme Pro that you all wished for. Not too much teasing, but we are working on a completely reworked slideshow and a form builder, so you can easily create beautiful contact forms. There is much more in the works! So, be excited.

Well now, have fun checking out all the details that Lilian keeps on hand for you and feel free to give us your feedback in the comments below.

Beautiful Lilian style
8 page layouts
Great for wedding websites
Wedding and Event topic
64 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

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