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گلچین آنلاین بزرگترین و بروزترین مرجع افزونه های جوملا و وردپرس در ایران

دانلود قالب و بسته JM Financial Services

نگارش یافته توسط گلچین آنلاین مجموعه درخواستی کاربران


سازگار با جوملا 3

دمو و سایت سازنده          نسخه قالب:  1.0.1

قالب شرکتی JM Financial Services یکی از قالب های زیبا و ریسپانسیو از شرکت جوملا مانستر می باشد که به درخواست کاربران در سایت ر شد.

It's the perfect Joomla 3 template for companies that manage money, help with finding best credit conditions or investing funds. In short, companies associated with financial services, insurance, accountancy or consumer finance may find this template suitable to their business purposes.

Thanks to theme customizer tool - which is one of many features of EF4 framework you can modify the template color with ease, without touching the code.

As it's presented on the demo site, take a look at 2 views of DJ-Tabs. For example tabs may be used to display the basic subjects of your company services as well as accordion to display articles from the specified category, videos or any modules.

We prepared few examples of sliders for the front page, you can see them under the Home menu item. All of sliders and gallery views created with DJ-MediaTools you can see in the Extensions section.

DJ-MegaMenu, DJ-MediaTools and DJ-Tabs are commercial extensions but they are included for FREE with this template.


1.0.2 .JM Financial Services
تاريخ 1395-04-31 00:06:14
اندازه : حجم فايل 22.46 MB

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