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قالب جوملا 3 Vina BagShop - joomla template قالب جوملا 3 Vina BagShop - joomla template

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Key features of the template Vina BagShop: Template running Joomla 3.x; Well commented source code php and css files; The template supports such popular extensions like K2 and VirtueMart; Quick and easy parameter setting the template manager management; Full support for RTL language; Ability to disable the option mainbody on the home page; In the template there are many positions to accommodate modules; Compatible with all popular web browsers (Cross-browser compatibility); Various materials display layout; The template supports all mobile devices and tablets; Supports many popular WYSIWYG editors; In the template there is a switch styles template; Availability of detailed documentation for installing and configuring a template in PDF format There are additional typographic styles; Adjustable width module positions for greater comfort; There is a private page 404, as well as the site offline; The template can be easily integrated with all major social networks; Having a quick start (Quickstart) to install the demo data; Availability psd source layout template with the ability to edit them; The source code of the template is based on modern web technologies HTML 5 and CSS 3; The inclusion of CSS and Javascript compression to speed up the template; Template optimized and has instant page loading; Full, enhanced support club extensions; SEO optimized code template is required for search engine promotion site; Ability to connect Google fonts; Easy and clean template which has a modern and stylish look; Checking the validity of the code Title: Vina BagShop Studio: VinaGecko Size: 47 MB Version: Joomla 3.x - 1.0.0 Release date: 04.2015
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