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قالب شرکتی جوملا ZT Porticus

نگارش یافته توسط آرمین مجموعه قالب شرکتی و سازمانی


   دمو فالب  سازنده :ZooTemplate   سازگار با : جوملا 3x   سازگار با فارسی و RTL   نسخه :1.0.0 

قالب شرکتی (Porticus) محصولی از شرکت (ZooTemplate) طراحی شده با فریم ورک (ZO2)،سازگار با زبان فارسی و راست چین،قالبی با طراحی حرفه ای و زیبا مناسب برای راه اندازی انواع وبسایت ها با موضوعات مختلف نظیر شرکتی،نمونه کار،تکنولوژی و ...،از دیگر ویژگی های این قالب می توان به داشتن بیش از 30 موقعیت مختلف برای ماژول ها و طراحی بصورت ریسپانسیو اشاره کرد.هم اکنون می توانید این قالب ارزشمند را از گلچین آنلاین دانلود کنید.

قالب شرکتی جوملا ZT Porticus
اندازه : حجم فايل 50.13 MB

برای دانلود این محصول شما نیاز به خرید اشتراک دارید اگر عضو هستید با حساب کاربری خود وارد شوید.


Template Description

The style of the template is aimed at the promotion of some innovative and modern product on the Internet. Whether it's a mobile app or new software for personal computers. This template ZooTemplate ZT Porticus is also ideal for any type of websites ranging from the website for a small business and ending sites visited, personal portfolio, photography, corporate events, personal commercial activities. The developers of this template tried to create a clean and creative template, one page, in order that it didn't feel Intrusive, and at the same time was an excellent preparation for the full implementation of projects on the Internet.

Design pattern is not intricate. And if you pay attention to trends in modern web design, you will notice that simplicity is now in the trend. This Joomla template is visually divided into four main blocks. The first of which is the menu and the large graphic element that defines the theme template. Next comes the block, which identifies the main priorities or directions in the form of logos that define the development strategy. The next block is again the focus is on a specific product or innovative product. Well, at the end of the template, an additional menu with clarifications and additions.

The templates in this series quickly surf the Internet and respond well to all the actions of the website visitor. Program codes are written in such a way that you could simply and easily make changes in the template structure. Many templates ZooTemplate have good search engine optimization. They work great with most known browsers.

Template Features:

  • The template is constantly updated to the latest versions of Joomla!.
  • The presence of PSD files for easy changes to the design template.
  • QuickStart package - to quickly launch a fully customized site as a demo.
  • Actual and secure code, the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Support compression of JavaScript and CSS to speed up website.
  • Compliance with standards W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional and W3C CSS Valid.
  • Layout template contains 30+ positions for the location of the modules and 4 color suffix.
  • The theme covers a variety of options of color membranes of the layout of the site.
  • The ability to change the background image for the main color themes, template parameters.
  • Advanced typography for a custom design content.
  • Has support for Google fonts and RTL/LTR languages.
  • Several types of menus, Mega Menu, Dropline Menu, CSS Menu, with smooth animation effects.
  • Includes support for CCK component of K2 content management, ZT Shortcodes Generator and other popular extensions.
  • Demo package with support version of CMS Joomla! 3.5.

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